The WindBow

George Peters

... the windbow was designed by Etienne Veyres and Alain Chevalier of France... The Windbow is my [George Peters] version arch ribbon with a few added aerodynamic details to create a super wind toy. The open pocket detail on the battens allows for a slight bubble effect along the leading edge of the arch, increasing airfoil lift. It will fly at times directly overhead. The longer curve on the trailing edge will balance the ribbon by adding a bit of flap, keeping the arch from overflying.

I [George Peters] use the unit method... Units are 36" wide by 28" high. An ideal length is between 100 and 125 feet (33 to 42 units). You can make them longer, but beware in strong winds.

Here's the secret ingredient: trim the edges of the units into a truncated wedge, 1/4 inch in on each side of the leading edge (see drawing in above post). This will bring the ribbon in about 1/2 inch at every batten pocket on the leading edge and create the shallow curve that's needed.

The 'center' line and tow point of the Windbow are reinforced with 3/4 inch ribbon. The line is positioned one-fifth from the leading edge.

For superior lightness and strength, I use .18 Carbon rods for battens. Dowels work but they tend to break when the ribbon gets some launching twists in it.