Ball bearing whirl for kiteline decorations and others

Built at: Nov.16.2000
Last update: 2004-12-06
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For some kites, but mostly for kiteline-decoration that rotates, you need a whirl. Whirls are also used by anglers. At our hobby there is often much more linepull, so it must be a strong whirl. I build this whirls out of aluminium and use them with my Revolver-Kite, my Knüpfer-Snake (see picture) and other rotating kiteline decorations.

The whirl consists only out of two Aluminium pieces and a two sides closed ball bearing.

Dimension of the ball bearing (German Norm):
Outer diameter = 19mm
Inner diameter = 7mm
Thicknes = 6mm

To mount the parts of the whirl together I build a tool out of steel. The smaller one takes the mounted parts, the longer one is used as beat stamp.

Left: Case holder whith plugged Aluminium case. The ball bearing is not mounted yet.

Right: Now the three parts of the whirl are plugged together. At next the tool is used. Whith some strong beats of a hammer the ball bearing is fixed.

Left: The ball bearing whirl is finished. I used some of these whirls for over 100 hours without any problem. Because the ball bearing is closed the sand from the beach can´t destroy it.

Right: Drawing of the Alu whirl in GIF-format.