This is an Edo-Kite.

"Edo" is the old name of Tokyo. This rectangular kite is one of traditional Tokyo style kites. Sometimes, we call this kite "Edo-Nishikie-dako". "Nishikie" is a beautiful woodcut print used a lot of colors. It was popular in Edo period ( 1600-1868 ).
"dako" means a kite.

Edo-kite is usually flown with long bridle lines and a long hummer. The length of the bridle lines are almost 20 times ( or more ) as long as the height of the kite. I usually put 14 or 17 bridle lines on it, and fly them no tail. If the kite is big ( more than 2m hight ), I will put 29 or 37 bridle lines, because the frame is different from small Edo-Kites. In old time, there were people who flew Edo-Kites with short bridle lines and long tails.

The kite pictures are drawn from the anecdote of historical persons, old story books, the Ukiyoe ( a woodcut print popular among the common people during the Edo period ) and the Kabuki. The kite-flying had been very popular from the Edo period in Tokyo, but now, we have few kite fields in Tokyo. This is the problem in Tokyo.