The following document explains how to build a 4 line kite that similar to a Revolution 1.5.  However this document can be used to build a kite of any style.  


We have organized the steps for simplicity.

1-Plans. First you must select a set of plans to build your Rev.


1-Prep. Decide what you want your rev to look like. Have a look at our examples

2-Prep. Acquire the materials (estimates for materials, and sources for parts)

3-Prep. Modify plans to suit your design.

Build the Rev.

1-Build. Each side of the Rev will be assembled separately.  Each side will be created using the same template to insure your Rev is symmetrical. 

2-Build. Join the two Rev halves together

3-Build. Make Dacron pieces to reinforce the sail

4-Build. Hem the Rev along the trailing edges, sew in Dacron reinforcements at this time

5-Build. Make a piece of screen which will make the leading edge vent.

6-Build. Make all the leading edge Dacron pieces

7-Build. Join the screen to the leading edge of the kite

8-Build. Sew the leading edge Dacron to the screen

9-Build. Hot cut the Dacron leading edge to make a sharp finish

10-Build. Insert the leading edge rods into the leading edge sleeve

11-Build. Tie leading edge rod caps to the sail using bungee, repeat with the vertical rods

12-Build. Create the bridle

13-Build. Assemble the bridle

14-Build. Test flights and tuning the bridle