Rotors and line junk

on this page some of my experiments with rotors and other line junk

24Panel Rotor

also called 24P rotor or "buzzsaw"
This rotor has a diameter of 4 meters and a surface area of 6sqm.
see it rotating Video:on the beach

Basic plan:

building instructions including bridle detail as PDF:

With many thanks to Dazzz: Article in the newsletter of the Northern Kite Group

24Panel Rotor builders gallery:

see his comments on: IKE - Illinois Kite Enthusiasts

And a Video on Google in the background Peter Bindon's 24p-rotor:

The slim rotor

The Slim rotor is 8 meters in diameter!
Whit this construction method one can build huge rotors:
in the pdf details are given to built up to 18 meters diameter.
More about the history and construction see:
Download the english version of the construction details here

Nederlandse versie constructie details
Download the english version of the construction details here

building instructions no detail 8m onlytn korte versie (5K)

Slim-rotor video's
Close up

The archimedes

This "screw" is a combination of the sentinel kite and the archimedesscrew pump.
archimedes screw

The yellow white red is only 800mm long and can fly like a kite!
the bleu, black and white is 2500mm long. It's flying capacities have not been tested.
VIDEO Archimedes in flight

These are the plans and templates for the small flying archimedes:
template 1
template 2
template 3
template 4
template 5

Bigger archimedes: