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Welcome to the home of the Tetrahedron Flyers

The first question that springs to mind is "the What Flyers?"  Hopefully this site will do more than just answer your question, but first, a brief answer to that one...

Around 1900, Alexander Graham Bell (yes, the telephone man) developed a new type of kite.  the kite was based on a tetrahedron, that is a pyramid with three triangular sides and a triangular base.  About 100 years later, we decided to take his basic concept and, using modern materials, bring the design up to date.

In the "A What Kite" section there is more information on the the kite, the "Images" section has some pictures of the kite in various guises, the sections on "Bell" and "Fuller" have a little on the history of the kite, the people and the principals behind it.  "How To Make" has sections on how to make the big version as well as instructions for a Tissue paper and straws version.  The final section "Tetrahedron Friends" has information on some of the other people round the world who form the group, the Tetrahedron Flyers.

The design and construction methods on this site are not only the result of work done by Tony and Rob - many ideas have been incorporated from other peoples work too.  If you have an idea for improvement, whether tried or not, please let us know so that we can pass it on to others building the Tetrahedrons.  

You will see in the construction instructions that, as well as recommending a particular way of building, also include  other options we have tried, or heard of, and also pitfalls encountered while building or flying the kites.