Welcome to Ed Alden's Vari-Fighter Site

This site is devoted to a particular kind of Fighter Kite, the Vari-Fighter. The material presented here will be updated to reflect the latest developments in this personal quest for the "perfect" Fighter Kite.

The Vari-Fighter was introduced to a larger audience by its inclusion in the Northwest Fighter Kite Association's book, Fighters.

The article Vari-Fighter 2000 describes the latest Vari-Fighter design, which has been improved in several ways beyond the design presented in the NFKA book.

I enjoy sharing ideas with other fighter kite enthusiasts, so if you have any questions, or comments, or suggestions, or ideas relating to Fighter Kites, please feel free to Email me at: ealden@attglobal.net

Everything on this site is presented free of charge for private, non-commercial use only. Anything here may be used freely and copied by other kite builders. However, copyright is retained by me, so if you reproduce this material, please include appropriate attribution.

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