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Rang Thang Kite

Based on Lee Sedgwick's UFO (Ultimate Fun Object). The UFO won the most innovative award at the 2004 AKA Convention in Seaside, Oregon. The following are different shots of the UFO: shot 1, shot 2, shot 3, shot 4, and shot 5.

There's a thread discussing the Rang Thang kite on kitebuilder.com.

Click photos for close-ups.
Flying the kite on the Beach in Twin Rocks, Oregon

Rang Thang before the graphics were added to the kite. (see the beach photo above)

Layout is based on 3 x 48" (1/8") carbon rods. This yields 144" circumference, which yields a diameter of 45.85" for the frame. I arbitrarily decided on 45" for the diameter of the kite sail.

The wand in the picture is 1/2" PVC 5 feet long. It's too heavy. After an hour of waving it around my forearm was fatigued. I've since gone to Carbon tubing for the wand.

Rang Thang Two

Baby Thang! No reason to waste the section cut out for the vent of a bigger kite (above).
It makes a great frisbee . . . the frame (.060" x 48" carbon) gives it lots of spring so making billiard shots around the room is easy and doesn't ding the walls.

Sail to Frame Connection Detail
The o-ring is pushed through the loop formed by the tab. The frame is then threaded through the two loops formed by the o-ring.
This method of attachment was developed in order to protect the tabs from abrasion when the edge of the kite hits the ground or pavement. The tab is now inside the ring.
When the o-ring gets torn up you can get a replacement at any hardware store.
If the tab gets torn up, you need to repair the kite.

Wand Construction and connecting the control line.

Sail Details

Quad Flight with the Rang Thang

Quad Handles for the Rang Thang.
Construction Details here

Creating a template for the Rang Thang kite.

Rang Thang Kite Gallery

tn.ready (8K) Going a little crazy with it . . . Rang Thang Duo

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