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TetraLite Kites

Plans for ultra-lightweight, collapsible, multi-cell tetrahedral kites

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Home Introduction and description of TetraLite Kites' mail order plans.
About More about the design and who TetraLite Kites is.
Pictures Some pictures of various TetraLite kites. Also see the "Diagrams" page.
Diagrams The standard models described in the plans and some possible variations.
Animation Animation showing how TetraLite Kites can be collapsed for transport.
Big Tetra Pictures and information on the 110-cell TetraLite kite.
Tips Tips and techniques mainly focused on TetraLite kites. (Under construction)
Order Info Download the TetraLite Kites Plans and Instructions Manual for free..
User Group Information on the TetraLite Kites User's Group.
Links Links to several other kite sites and non-kite sites.
Email How to contact TetraLite Kites and anti-spam information.

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