TetraLite Kites
Plans for ultra-lightweight, collapsible, multi-cell tetrahedral kites

Email Links User Group Ordering Information Tips and Techniques 110-cell TetraLite Kite Collapsible Feature Demonstration Diagrams and More Pictures Pictures More About TetraLite Kites TetraLite Kites Manual CLICK HERE to download the TetraLite Kites Plans and Instructions Manual.

A link for downloading Adobe's Acrobat Reader free software for computers using operating systems other than Windows or Macs can be found on the TetraLite Kites "Links" page.

A note about materials: It has come to my attention that two of the materials specified in the Assembly Plans and Instructions Manual may not be as easily obtainable as I had thought. It is my hope that anyone who builds a TetraLite kite uses the exact materials called for, since it results in a very high performance kite. Therefore, I supply a list with information about these materials and from where they can be mail ordered or possibly found in your area along with the manual in the .zip file called "materials". I have never had a problem finding these materials here in Seattle, but a few people, especially in foreign countries, have. It should also be noted that some material substitutions can be utilized and may result in a fair to good flying kite.

As before mentioned, it is my hope that anyone who builds a TetraLite kite uses the exact materials called for in order to achieve the great results that I have with this design. And keep in mind that these materials are obtainable via mail order.

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