trick tac

The Trick Tac is a small zero wind and indoor kite I developed last year. The kite does all common tricks very well; excellent slides, flat axels, leading edge starts... no problem.
With very little wind, the kite is fast. If there is much more wind, then put it away!
It's simple to build and not expensive. Try it !

I will give step-by-step instructions but please read them first. All dimensions are given in metric units.


The Sail



Now- wait for a windless day

And enjoy it !

Ronald Krueger (Germany)

If you've problems, questions or you just simply like the kite Email to

Trick Tac pictures
I received some mails with hints and
possible modifications of this Kite:
Trick Tac Level S (Hints for using kapton foil)
by Jean-Yves Seyler
Possible improvements to the Trick Tac UL kite
by Nilo Vélez
Possible improvements to the Trick Tac UL kite - part 2
by Nilo Vélez