Plans of "Le Virus"

On this page you'll find the plans of Le Virus in a number of different formats.

Original plans from Christian

Here you'll find the original description from Christian. You will need some knowledge of French (or use Babelfish for translation) to interpret these plans. The plans contain a rough description of the kite and use a coordinate-system to sketch the layout of the kite itself and the sailpattern.

Other fileformats

To make things a little bit easier and avoid having to draw your own plan here's a couple of files. Using Christian's original plan we converted those plans to a CAD-version. Based on that CAD-version we exported it to a number of other file formats. You can use the CAD or Designer files if you want to 'tweak' at your own version. If you want to start right away with building the kite it's far more easier to use the PDF-versions of the plan. We rely on your own experience to convert it to the formats you're comfortable with. In case you think this other format should also be supported, please let us know.

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