Own plans



Zorro - Plan

Saucy Owl - Plan

Saucy Owl - Bauanleitung

Frantic Gecko - Plan

Crazy Chicken - Plan 


Plans of different kitemakers


Bruce Lambert

  Making Bruce´s BUKA (plan and instruction)    

"F3" fighter kite

Optimizing kite performance - Instruction

Laminating a bamboo spine - Instruction        


Making Bruce´s TANGLER fighter kite

TANGLER - Template

Fighterkite Tuning

Bruce´s DOG-Serie - Plans

BASF - Plan (updated Version 11/2004 included full size template)  

Building a NA-Style Competition line-touch fighter in 2 hours.

Dennis Ische

  Lighting Bolt - Plan

Dot-01 - Plan

Dot-02 - Plan